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Online Resume of Students : A "summary" of Relevant Job Experience/Education

A Resume or resume is a document used and created by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. Resume can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.

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⇨ Online Python Training ( Live ) ⇨ Online Java Training ( Live )

Resume Samples : Previous Classroom Students

⇨ Meena Shriwastava : Java Developer ⇨ Swati Ahirwar : Java Developer ⇨ Khushboo Khan : Java Developer ⇨ Priyanka Singh : Java Developer (Not Responsive,so View on Desktop) ⇨ Sonali Jain : Software Developer ⇨ kanchan Tiwari : Java Developer ⇨ Pranisha Pandey : Java Developer ⇨ Gourav Shukla : Python Developer
⇨ Online Python Training ( Live ) ⇨ Online Java Training ( Live )

OnGoing / Upcoming Batches Topics :-

List of Topics for Ongoing / Upcoming classes.The List is last updated on January 28, 2022. For all latest information Please visit Center or Call / whatsapp :- 8871209400

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⇨ 7:00 AM : Web Designing New Batch**

• : ⤓ Download

• basic html with image : ⤓ Download

⇨ 4:00 PM : Adv. Java (Module-2) New Batch** • Project Introduction
• JSP Introduction

• JSP Base Codes : ⤓ Download

• JSP Login Page Example as if-else : ⤓ Download

• jsp jdbc user profile : ⤓ Download

• ojdbc.rar : ⤓ Download

⇨ 6:00 PM : Python (Module-1) New Batch**
• Computer Programming Terminologies : ⇒ Link

• Python Example as Class : ⤓ Download

• Python Code as Basic Calci to Understand Function Defining/Calling: ⤓ Download

• Python software Download Link : ⇒ Link

• Python Naming Convention : ⤓ Download

• python-help-dir-math-module Example : ⤓ Download

• Calci demo App image : ⤓ Download

• django-install : ⤓ Download

• python Tutorial / docs : ⇒ Link

⇨ 6:00 PM : Java (Module-1) New Batch**
• Computer Programming Terminologies ⇒ Link

• Red Hat OpenJDK : ⇒ Link

• Java Calsi basic Example : ⤓ Download

• Java Maths Class for Calci : ⇒ Link

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Download Image

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